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We know how important your wedding day is! Fill out our Wedding Cake Questionnaire below and we will contact you with more details about our services and arrange for a tasting.  For couples wanting a less traditional approach or wanting to offer their guests additional desserts, we offer a variety of unique choices including our signature mini layer cakes.

After completing our questionnaire, we will contact you to discuss further details of your ideal wedding cake.

Dessert Table

Dessert tables have become a popular choice for many weddings and events.  We have a unique selection of mini treats and mini cakes to ensure there is something for everyone - including vegan and gluten free!  Our  mini desserts are great for your wedding, celebration, premiere  or corporate event. 

After completing our questionnaire, we will contact you to arrange a consultation and tasting. 


Leave guests with a sweet memory of your special occasion! Fill a special box with any of Cake Monkey's delicious treats. We offer custom wrapped favors to reflect the design and style of your event. 

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